Wedding-PlanningYour wedding is your ultimate special day: your family, friends, and loved ones gathered together to celebrate a momentous occasion in your life. This moment won’t be forgotten anytime soon, but with so much happening that day, it may seem like a bit of a blurred whirlwind. Here are seven unique and awesome ideas to make your wedding day unforgettable!

Stop and Breath

First, take the time to stop, breathe, and appreciate what’s going on around you. Notice the little details. Talk with your friends and loved ones and try and have at least one meaningful moment with each person you care about.

Use your mother’s dress.

While a mother’s dress holds sentimental value, this doesn’t mean you necessarily have to walk down the aisle in it. Find a way to incorporate your mother’s dress into your wedding without having to wear it. Sew the lace onto your veil, use the material to wrap your bouquets, or add the embroidery to your own dress.

Write a special message to your spouse.

Whether on the veil, in the suit pocket, or even on the bottom of your shoe, find a place to embroider a heart or write a sweet message to capture your feelings at the start of this journey you’re embarking on together.

Change it up with some exciting accessories.

Colorful bowties, a flashy necklace, bright shoes for the bride and bridesmaids. A little bit of extra spice will make it memorable!

Have creative photos.

The traditional poses are great, but use your imagination! Perhaps have a theme, or think of some unique or funny shots that will add an extra layer of fun to the day! Also, create a unique hashtag for guests to use with the photos they take on their phones, and then compile these into a printed photobook.

Use online resources.

Whether to check out venue choices, create a page with information for your wedding, or to just organize your own ideas, there are plenty of online resources like Cropley’s wedding website to help you plan an awesome and unique wedding.

Involve your guests.

Interacting with them and making it an active wedding will make it more memorable, rather than them just passively watching a series of ceremonies. Select guests to do readings or sing a song, or have fun activities at the tables, such as a wedding themed bingo.

Whatever you choose to do, your wedding day will be special and unforgettable!

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second-marriageFirst time couples are usually in cloud nine after their marriage. However, as time passes they become engrossed with other matters or become bored with each other that can lead to separation. But then, there are also couples who opt to make it work the second time around.

Here are some reasons why marriage can be better the second time around and often end up happier than many first-time newlyweds.

Practice makes perfect.

If there’s anything second marriages can positively benefit from, it’s experience. Certainly, a time for adjustment will be necessary, as would for any change, but individuals committing to second marriages already know things about tying the rope, especially the logistics in running and sharing a home.

People married the second time around usually know by now what works or what doesn’t. They’ll know which fights to pick and which they should most definitely back away from. At the very least, these people already understand the basics of conflict resolution and effective communication. These factors all combined are what make second marriages real success recipes.

Both partners already know and understand themselves.

Second marriages are not begun without the experience of ending the first ones. And if anything, endings can be painful. But despite being so, they also actually fuel a longing in people to set on a journey of healing, personal discovery and change. Such is why second marriages often end up being the happier marriages.

Second-time couples feel grateful for the second chance.

Gratitude elevates anyone. Having a sense of gratitude for the second chance to love and live can be transformational. It has the power to turn what is possessed into enough or even more. It turns confusion to peace, chaos to clarity, and denial to acceptance. The feeling of gratitude can help couples make sense of their past, bring peace to their present and even create vision for their tomorrows.

Remarried couples are driven to “do things right this time”.

Partners in second marriages all have this desire to really get the relationship going. The drive is simply on a far higher level than when they were in their first marriages. Having already gone through an ended marriage, people committing to second marriages build up a determination never to take things for granted. Perhaps this is more because they know very well just what happens if a marriage doesn’t work out.

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