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by Admin on May 21, 2013

American Football

Ensuring regular physical activity of children is important but getting them excited about exercise could be difficult. One way of keeping them committed to a weekly exercise is by enrolling them in a class where they can make new friends and has something to look forward to every week. Building good exercise habits from a young age means children are more likely to keep up this healthy habit later on in life and live a healthy life style. A great all round exercise class for children is football, here’s why-

Team Sport

One of the great benefits of football classes is that football is a very team orientated sport. Being able to work well as a team is a great attribute to have and learning this from a young age will help throughout education and working life. Children can enjoy working alongside others of their own age and thrive in a team environment.

Build Friendships

Often children build most of their friendships through school and family friends but taking part in a class outside of school gives them the opportunity to mix with other children who they have something different in common with. If they have not yet started school introducing children into a class environment is a great way to prepare them for this big step and gives them to opportunity to interact with other children.

Set Goals

Introducing the idea of goals from a young age is a great way to ensure children are driven and focused. Through football classes’ children can set goals to improve week by week and eventually move up to the next stage. Children will feel a real sense of achievement when they reach their goals. Some football classes will also enter teams into local competitions which gives children something to really look forward to and work towards.

Great Exercise

One of the great things about football is that it’s great exercise but children often don’t realise just how much they are running around because they are having so much fun.

Great Fun

Above all children should enjoy taking part in regular exercise. It is important to build a healthy relationship with exercise from an early age. Exercise should not be viewed as a punishment or something you have to do even though you don’t enjoy it, exercise should be something you enjoy doing that also keeps you fit and healthy. It is important to establish this from a young age. Football classes focus on enjoyment rather than focussing on the exercise.

Football for kids is the perfect sport to introduce to children from a young age. Many classes say children can start as soon as they can walk, as long as they can toddle with the ball and begin to pass it they can start to build on their football skills. For a sport that is enjoyable for children but also great exercise try football classes. Encourage them to build friendships, set goals, work as a team whilst having great fun and exercising.

About The Author

Eilidh MacRae works for Sport for kids who provide football classes for children. She beleives that football classes is a great way to get childen excited about exercise.

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