How To Easily Child Proof Your Home Yourself

by Editor on July 6, 2013

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Do you have a lot of children in your home? These do not need to be your own children. Maybe one of your adult kids lives with you and they have kids. Maybe you have the kids of other people over your house and these are small children. If this is the case then you need to do all you can to make sure they are safe when they are at your home. If you are unable to do this you are taking some pretty big risks. Here are some of the bad things that can happen if your home is not child proof.

  • Small kids can end up hurting themselves by falling down the stairs or knocking something over on themselves. If this happens the severity of the injury can be really serious and you would be liable for any damages. This can really put you in a tough spot, even if you have homeowners insurance that takes care of such instances.
  • If a kid gets hurt in your house then the parents of those kids will not trust them in your house again. And it gets worse. Parents might actually decide to tell other parents they should not trust their kids in your home either. This is just not a good thing if it were to happen, because it is going to make it seem like you are not responsible.
  • If a kid gets hurt in your home you might end up being charged in some instances. Now this rarely happens, but it is entirely possible that you could face neglect charges depending on the circumstances in which injuries were to come about. And if you had kids yourself they could be at risk for being taken away if this happens.

Preventing the worse from happening by child proofing your home

Now some of the instances mentioned aboveĀ  might seem like they are over the top, but they can happen. You do not want a kid to get hurt in your house. So what you want to do is make sure kids, especially small kids, are completely safe from any serious harm that can come their way. There areĀ  more then a few ways this can be done.

Doing a check of all the ways a child might get hurt in your home

The first thing you need to do is take a look at all the ways a child might get hurt in your house. Some of these are minor while others can lead to possible death. Here are a few ways a child can get hurt in your home, especially a small child.

  • You might have a pet that even though you think they are tamed actually is not. If kids are playing with the pet when you are not looking, then they might end up getting bitten or scratched. Large cats and dogs should be put away somewhere unless you are certain they are not going to attack kids in any kind of way.
  • The electrical sockets in your home might be in plain view. So you are going to need to go to a hardware store and buy some of those socket plugs to plug off these areas. This way a small child cannot try to stick something in one of them and get shocked. This is one of the top ways kids get hurt by the way.
  • You might have spots in your house that need to be fenced off otherwise a child is risking falling down the stairs. You can find baby fences and fences made for slightly older kids at various stores. Once kids are a certain age they will not need these anymore. You definitely want to make sure no kid, whether they are yours or someone else’s, falls down the stairs.
  • Locking up any cabinet that contains harmful chemicals. These are going to include cabinets in the bathroom, the kitchen, and even in other rooms. There are devices out there that can make this easy or you can have someone install special cabinets, but this might cost a lot of money.
  • Bolting down heavy objects that might fall over. These would include book shelves, televisions, and other objects that some kids will try to put pressure on and they can easily tip over or fall on them. Another object that can be added to this category would be if you have a fish tank. If you do have a fish tank make sure it is out of reach of small children.

How can you be sure that you have all the basis covered even after doing what was mentioned above?

If you are still unsure of whether or not your home is completely child proof, even after following what was mentioned above, then you need to speak with an expert. If you do not have the money to do this then there are plenty of websites online that are credible that can show you what you need to do. Some of what they will recommend is going to seem like overkill, but this can never be the case when you are trying to protect your kids.

What about the outside of your home, does this need childproofing to?

If you have certain objects in your backyard and you are going to have kids out there then you need to always make sure someone is monitoring them. If there are really small children make sure there are no objects small enough for them to fit in their mouths. Older kids will no better, but toddlers will not.

If you want to ensure the outside of your home is safe for kids as well a good idea would be to designate a place where they can play where you know the chances of any serious injury are slim. Padding in certain areas to prevent scraps for example if you have a swing set in your backyard would be a good idea and it does not cost much to get.

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