Summer Wedding Graced By Wild Flowers

by Senior Editor on May 9, 2013


Summer-themed, outdoor weddings are usually graced by wild flowers because of their vibrant colors. A color palette of salmon  pinks, poppy reds, deep yellows, lime greens, bright purples, and vibrant oranges can be part of your wedding day by incorporating wild flowers. These colors can be incorporated into your wedding by a variety of ways – they can be subtle or they can be bold. Include wildflowers in your bouquet, bridesmaid’s bouquets, centerpieces, and even incorporated by tying them your banquet chairs. Take the colors from your bouquet and use a few as accent colors with table clothes, napkins, and more! Wildflowers add a summer-y and simple element to weddings and allow you to get creative with the rest of your accents.


The most obvious and easiest way to include wildflowers in your wedding is of course your bouquet. Give bridesmaids similar (but of course, smaller) versions of your bouquet to really tie in the element. There are a variety of color schemes to choose from when you choose wildflowers. You can choose a light pink wildflower with baby’s breath for a softer element or go all out with many vibrant, bold colors… it’s all up to you! Create a color scheme that fits the theme of your wedding, starting with your wildflower bouquet.

Accents and Centerpieces

Centerpieces are another great way to incorporate wildflowers into your wedding. For an affordable, rustic look, opt for mason jars tied with twine or include one flower in each individual vase. You could incorporate wildflowers into your wedding décor by hanging arrangements from banquet chairs or adding stakes from the ground and hanging them from there.

Hair Piece

If you’re looking for a summer-y look, add a wildflower to your hair and incorporate a similarly colored sash to add some color to your white gown. Some of the more popular options are peonies and sunflowers. Choose some sort of updo that will hold the flower properly into your hair and ensure it’s recently picked so it will last the whole day. You could even create a crown for a natural and “back-to-basics” look for a natural wedding outdoors.

If you’re an avid gardener, you could even choose to grow your own for your wedding. Wildflowers are a great option for an eco-friendly wedding and can be incorporated into your wedding in many ways for a fun, natural, and seasonal look. When choosing your bouquet, be sure to experiment with varying heights, colors, layers, and textures to enhance the natural rustic look that wildflowers have.

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